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Scardust is a leading Progressive metal band in Israel. It consists of vocalist Noa Gruman, drummer Yoav Weinberg, guitarist Yadin Moyal, bassist Yanai Avnet, and keyboardist Itai Portugaly. Their album “Sands of Time” has been released on July 13th, 2017. The release was celebrated in an epic launch concert in Tel Aviv, with a big choir and special guests.

Late 2014, Scardust participated in the Melodic Alliance festival in Israel. In December they had their first “headline” concert in Tel Aviv, titled “The SCARDUST Epic Experience”. Full length show with a full choir on stage. It was a “sold out” event, and a big success that put Scardust on the map in the Israeli scene.

After participating a few other Israeli festivals in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and while working on the pre-production for their new album, in June 2016 they had another big headline show, alongside the well-known Prey for Nothing. This time in a bigger venue with a bigger crowd.

In August 2016, just when Noa returned from her show at Wacken Open Air with Orphaned Land, they opened for Symphony X in Tel Aviv. In the fall of 2016 they produced their acoustic concert, and performed it twice to raise money for the upcoming album. In between those concert they entered the studio and started the final production for the album. While intensively working on the album, in April they launched their crowdfunding campaign which ended very successfully, and on June they opened for EPICA in Tel Aviv

Sands of Time

“Sands Of Time”, Scardust debut album, was released in July 13th 2017 in a massive concert. Not only this concert was the biggest headline show the band had to date, it was a milestone for the Israeli rock and metal scene, proving that even local bands can draw hundreds of people to their concerts.

Scardust is the spearhead, both musically and commercially, in today’s Israeli metal scene, paving the way to the top for both themselves and other bands that follow their style and approach to music. “Sands of Time” is considered as one of the most promising debut albums in the metal scene, and the band is now ready to spread their wings into Europe and other territories. Much awaited by fans all over the world they are ready to take over!



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