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Sisters of Suffocation – Anthology of Curiosities

Suburban Records GGMSOS1 September 1, 2017

In 2014, vocalist Els Prins and guitarist Simone van Straten decided to start playing Death Metal with a twist – that is, with other girls who shared their love of extreme music. Behold the birth of Sisters of Suffocation! They released their first single ‘Boundaries’ in 2014. After which they self released their first EP ‘Brutal Queen’. 

After their 3-nights-in-a-row appearance at Helga’s House of Pain at Lowlands 2017, S.O.S. teamed up with Suburban Records for the release of their first full length album ‘Anthology of Curiosities – A Tribute to Bidi’. It was recorded live in April 2017, with producer Martin Furia overseeing every S.O.S’s move. The album showcases S.O.S.’s musical growth and diversity, with strong songwriting and unexpected twists and turns. This brought them noteworthy exposure in the Dutch media landscape in general (newspapers and magazines, nation-wide tv, and national radio) and in the Metal community in particular (i.e. Aardschok, Rocktribune). Three videos for this album have been released, for the songs ‘I am Danger’ (featuring live footage from the Lowlands performances), ‘Shapeshifter’ and ‘I swear’ (in memory of Bidi van Drongelen).

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